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Sean Foley calls out Tiger Woods’ critics: Look how many cuts he’s made!

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As Hank Haney and Butch Harmon can tell you, being Tiger Woods’ swing coach comes with a whole new set of rules of regulations that most coaches don’t have to live by. One of the biggest changes is the media interest, good or bad, that is suddenly part of your every day life.

While Sean Foley was able to deflect most of the questions and talk early on, Woods’ recent run of poor form has the sharks in the water sniffing for blood. And boy does Foley realize what’s going on, because he’s getting mighty defensive with the media and some of his prize pupils biggest detractors. In a recent interview with Golf Canada, Foley went after a number of talking heads and former players who recently tried to poke holes in the Foley swing.

“They don’t know the truth,” Foley said in the interview. “They don’t even have a clue. They just wait until he hits one to the right, then put it on the bizhub (a slow-motion camera) and slow it down. But he might not have committed to the club. He might not have trusted where the wind is and so on.”

Not a clue, huh? I understand Tiger isn’t there just yet, but why not just let the swing speak for itself? I guess Foley feels the need to defend his swing — especially when there are still stories out there questioning if he’s using the Stack and Tilt principles with Woods. That’s an old story, but I’m pretty I’d be defending my player’s honor if rumors like that were floating around.

But that wasn’t even the best part of the interview. Foley also called out Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee and questioned his knowledge of Woods’ swing, right before he used Tiger’s made cuts to finish off the former pro.

“The crap that these guys are writing – and all these different avenues of pure judgment on Tiger,” Foley said.

“When did (Golf Channel analyst) Brandel Chamblee and (NBC’s) Johnny Miller and guys like that forget how hard golf is when you have conflict and you don’t have clarity?

“Brandel Chamblee made 180 out of 398 cuts on the PGA Tour (in his playing days). Like, when did this become so easy for him? That’s like 43 per cent. You’re talking about a guy (Woods) who’s missed six cuts in his life. It’s just sensational. That’s what they do.”

That’s what we look to call a “burn,” folks. I don’t think there’s anything Chamblee can say to come back from those comments. It’s clear Foley has some pent-up anger, and a lot of that has to do with being in a situation he’s never experienced before. With a high-profile player like Woods in his stall, he’s going to take criticism like this until Tiger wins. One victory and a lot of the criticism goes away.


Written by Jonathan Wall

03/09/2011 at 1:02 am

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