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Should we care that Tiger Woods committed to Doral? Probably not

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It’s official: Tiger Woods has decided to make Doral his next tour stop, passing over a chance to get more reps at this week’s Honda Classic to take care of some “existing commitments.” Doral is pretty predictable when you look at how Woods has gone about things in the past. Sure, he may say things are different now, but he continues to stick to his guns and play the same tournaments he played in the past.

While media outlets continue to announce his next tour stop (including this site), you have to wonder when people are going to wise up and just shrug their shoulders when he adds his name to the field. It used to be that Tiger playing a tour event was a big deal. Considering how few tournaments he played per year, every time he teed it up seemed to be a cause for celebration for the fans, and the network that was lucky enough to broadcast his event.

But since his game has gone into a tailspin, his “aura”, as Rory McIlroy called it in his recent SI article, has disappeared. Tiger announcing his next tournament no longer seems like a cause for discussion; it really just seems like a way to fill space and discuss a golfer that continues to disappoint with a new swing and a fragile psyche.

So the big question is: should we even give Tiger his own article when he announces his next event? Probably not. Assuming he gets things in order, then maybe we start talking about his tournaments like we used to in the past. For now, I just don’t see the point. Maybe it’d be better if we just let Tiger do his own thing and took the spotlight off of him for awhile. Yeah right, like that would ever happen.


Written by Jonathan Wall

03/02/2011 at 11:02 pm

Posted in PGA Tour, Tiger Woods

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