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Padraig Harrington and a plastic surgery addict have a lot in common

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There’s something seriously wrong with Padraig Harrington. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this article by the Irish Golf Desk’s Brian Keogh, titled, ‘Harrington fingers his trigger.’ If the headline wasn’t funny enough, the article itself should be more than enough to get you rolling on the ground laughing.

What’s so funny? Get this: Padraig Harrington is rebuilding his golf swing. AGAIN. And he’s got 12 new swing changes in place. I wish I was kidding. After doing a complete overhaul a couple years back, Harrington is back at it again, reworking his mechanics for the second time in three years. It’s enough to make you sick when you realize this is the same player that won three majors…and then decided to do a complete overhaul.

Here’s the rundown of the changes in his swing, via Keogh:

“I changed the actual grips on my golf club. Most people would think ‘well, what’s that’. I have a reminder in my grip – I’ve taken it out. I’ve gone to round grips. That’s a big, big change.

“I’ve knocked all the clubs a degree flat – that’s a little change.

“I have weakened my grip, lowered my hands a bit and pushed them a bit further forward … small things.

“Probably the biggest one (and this is partly why I’ve changed these other things), I’ve changed my trigger to take the club away in my routine. I used take the club away from a moving position. I now take the club away from a static position.

“Part of that, I used to have a big squat to take the club away, so that’s gone. There’s a little one. I’d love to get it all gone but it’s hard to change your trigger, full stop.

“I’m taking the club away without my hips so there’s a much smaller hip turn – a much bigger coil but a smaller hip turn.

“Obviously, that changes my plane in the back swing.

“I’ve changed my chin position at the top of my backswing. I used to try and swing my shoulder under my chin, so I’d poke my head out to do it, which we think has contributed to my neck issues. So now I’m tucking my head in at the top of my backswing.

“The trigger probably is the biggest thing. Through impact I’m going back to squatting quite a bit at the start of my downswing, as I used to. So I’m going back to that.

“I’m going back to trying to get my chest more down through impact to get my hands lower through impact and reduce the lateral through impact.

“From seven feet out I probably was 150th in every putting stat so I’ve changed my putting routine as well.

“I’m not standing off the ball when I’m taking my practice putts. I’m practice putting over the ball … when you see a raw beginner, they often do that. When they take a practice putt, they lift it up and do it over the top of the ball. I’m doing that so when I put the putter back down, I’m not adjusting anything. I used to line up and get a feel for the putt, which you see a lot of guys do, then I’d take the putter inside an try a practice putt. But when I take the putter inside, I move my eye line, so the practice putts I’m getting a feel for are not the same as the putts I actually have. So I’m not changing my eye line.

I’m sorry, but do all golfers talk like this after having a mediocre season? Do they over-think every angle of their game? I doubt it. At this point, I’d compare Harrington to a plastic surgery addict, in that he just doesn’t seem to be content with any facet of his game. Plastic surgery addicts are the same way when it comes to their bodies.

Seriously, Paddy, stop before you fall into a state of complete confusion.

While Harrington won’t end up looking like a mutilated mess when it’s all said and done, the same can’t be said for his golf swing.


Written by Jonathan Wall

01/15/2011 at 6:41 pm

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    World Spinner

    01/21/2011 at 6:34 am

  4. I was shocked to hear this morning that Padraig had been disqualified. I believe that Golf as a sport needs to have a good look at calling foul on players based on electronic equipment. If a mistake is picked up ONLY through slow-motion equipment, the player should not be penalized. If he can’t see it with the naked eye, how can he be expected to call it? My suggestion would be to use TV footage, but only at normal speed, not at slow motion!

    Ian Hayes

    01/21/2011 at 6:59 am

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