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Ben Crane has something the PGA Tour needs

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He makes millions, not billions. And we all know he’s not the biggest name in the sport. But if there ever was a face to plaster on a future PGA Tour advertisement, it would be Ben Crane’s. He’s golf’s everyman in every sense of the word.

Average in height with little athletic ability, Crane has something most golfers — including Tiger Woods — only wish they had: the ability to be funny. When Crane’s first video went viral, it was an instant hit, attracting fans who weren’t even interested in golf to wonder who the heck the bald guy was in the red spandex.

Well Crane’s back with another video, recapping his pre-round routine, and it’s just as funny as the first one. After watching it a couple of times, it got me wondering why the tour doesn’t consider putting Crane in the spotlight. A strong Christian with an obvious eye for what’s funny, the Beaverton, Ore., native breaks the mold of the stuffy, uptight golfer.

After Tiger-gate, the tour could use some good publicity to draw new fans. Why not use comedy to draw them in? I’m not saying Crane has to be funny on the course; but letting people see his other side allows fans to connect with him on another level. That’s something the tour needs.

What does Finchem have to lose giving Crane his own ad spot? Not a whole lot.


Written by Jonathan Wall

01/14/2011 at 2:49 pm

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