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Golf Channel’s PGA Tour pitch? Controversy sells in 2011

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Take a look at the Golf Channel’s commercial promoting the PGA Tour’s 2011 season (sorry, this was recorded on my iPhone). No, this isn’t somebody’s idea of a joke; this is the actual commercial that ran across my television screen, on Sunday afternoon, during the Children’s Miracle Network Classic (that’s a mouthful).

So, what do we make of it?

It looks like the network is trying to sell viewers on the controversy that engulfed the tour this season. From Furyk being DQ’d for missing him pro-am tee-time to Brian Davis toching a reed in the hazard at Harbour Town, controversy was all over the place on the PGA Tour.

And we haven’t even mentioned Dustin Johnson’s bunker-or-not-a-bunker at the PGA Championship. I find it refreshing that the Golf Channel decided to air something like this instead of the usual commercials that promote the players. Everybody knows who’s playing on the PGA Tour.

If I’m a casual golf viewer, I want the network to give me another reason to watch. Controversy definitely works for me.


Written by Jonathan Wall

11/15/2010 at 4:04 pm

Posted in Tiger Woods

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