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European Tour uses Ryder Cup to push tax break

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If you haven’t noticed, the Ryder Cup is only a couple of months away. While most of us are knee-deep in PGA Championship coverage, the European Tour is still fighting the UK government over the current tax rules that apparently are causing golfers to pass over tournaments in the country.

An Associate Press article earlier today noted that the tax rules in the UK could deter some players from playing in the Ryder Cup. Seriously? You expect me to believe guys play in this event for money?

While I’m assuming the AP isn’t completely dense, you needn’t look any further than Anthony Kim to see this event is all about playing for pride and your country. To be honest, I’m pretty sure most players would give up prize money for a spot on the team.

Kim had the opportunity to fight through the pain at the U.S. and British Open; but he decided to err on the side of caution and have the thumb surgery so he could be ready for the Ryder Cup. He was that dead-set on playing in the event.

Now tell me the Ryder Cup is about the money. The article wreaks of European Tour propaganda. If you hadn’t noticed, this story has been out for a while now. If the European Tour is so insistent on getting the tax break for their players, I’d suggest using another event to press the issue. Say, one where players are actually playing for a paycheck and tour points.

Claiming players would refuse to play in the Ryder Cup due to the tax rules is absurd. This event has and always will be about pride, and it will continue to be that way for the foreseeable future.


Written by Jonathan Wall

08/10/2010 at 4:48 pm

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