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More frustration for Ken Green after his WD at CT Open

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Like most, I tend to root for the underdog in certain sports situations. Ken Green would definitely qualify as an underdog worth rooting for — when he has the energy to play in a golf tournament. Most golf fans know Green’s story, and how he recently made a comeback to the sport after a horrific RV accident that saw him lose some of the most important people in his life, as well as part of his right leg.

It’s hard not to want to see Green shine once more. After a couple of struggles with his game and the searing pain of having to get around a golf course with his prosthetic leg, Green hit his biggest rough patch in his comeback this past week, when he had to withdraw from the Connecticut Open.

As Tom Yantz of the Hartford Courant noted in his article, Green just couldn’t handle the pain in his right leg during the event, forcing him to withdraw after firing a 4-over-par 74 in the opening round.

“It was just too much for me to handle,” Green said during a phone interview with Yantz. “I just wasn’t able to get up and move around. The leg just went nuts, and it was too hard to even put the prosthetic on.”

Even though the pain has become unbearable at times, that hasn’t kept Green from holding out hope for a return to the course later this year.

“My hope is to play again [this year], but I’m not real confident it’ll happen.”

“Hopefully, the procedure [to freeze a nerve in his leg] worked, and then we’ll have to continue on.

“I have to get rid of the pain, and then we can go fight the battle and play golf at the level that I want to play. My belief and my hope is that I can. And I’m going to go with that belief until I’m proven otherwise.”


Written by Jonathan Wall

07/28/2010 at 4:43 pm

Posted in Ken Green, Media

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