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Tiger takes advantage of generous conditions at St. Andrews

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If you would have asked Tiger Woods prior to Thursday’s opening round if he would have taken 5-under 67 in the opening round of this week’s British Open, chances are you would have received an emphatic “yes” as a response.

Like the rest of the field, Tiger Woods figured the blustery conditions on Wednesday would have turned Thursday into a battle for survival — and even par. Instead, players were left to feast on a helpless Old Course.

Woods was one of number of players to take advantage of the scoring conditions. The Open Champion at St. Andrews in 2000 and ’05 started the week off with a round that normally would have been good enough for first or second place under normal course conditions.

But Thursday’s course conditions were anything but normal. Woods’ round went from great start to good start after seven players managed to best the World No.1’s first round score.

But Tiger shouldn’t be too worried about being T-8. His sheer dominance at St. Andrews means he’s well within striking distance of the leaders; and he’s got more than enough history on the course to make up a couple of shots.


Written by Jonathan Wall

07/15/2010 at 3:43 pm

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