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Rickie Fowler has a secret weapon on the bag this week

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Caddies, like the pros they loop for each week, need a break from time to time. Given the hours that are spent scouting the course like a football coach getting a better feel for the opposition — plus the extra time spent logging hours on road-weary legs — it’s safe to say the job of a caddie isn’t for everyone.

Rickie Fowler realized his caddie, Joe Skovron, could use a break. He decided to let Joe rest the legs and call up former his former assistant coach at Oklahoma State, Donnie Darr, for the chance to sling the bag for a weekend. The best part? Darr is now the current head coach at “THE Ohio State University” (that’s how they say it in Big Ten country), so Fowler had a couple of extra people pulling for him this week at Muirfield (which happens to be in Buckeye country).

“We’ve done this before. [But] I didn’t read any putts then, and I haven’t this week either,” Darr told Golf Digest’s Local Knowledge blog, who has played Muirfield Village a number of times, most recently last month. “I can help club him, and if nothing else remove doubt. When you don’t have much doubt you tend to play pretty well.”

There’s no doubt Fowler’s playing well this week with Darr on the bag. After a spotless 6-under 66 on Friday, Fowler now finds himself four shots ahead of the pack going into the weekend. For Darr, it’s exactly what you like to see when you’re the new guy toting the bag.

While Fowler still has two days of golf ahead of him, it’s safe to say that the former coach and player still have good chemistry on the course. If Fowler winds up hoisting the trophy on Sunday, don’t be surprised if he gives a shot-out to his secret weapon on the bag.


Written by Jonathan Wall

06/04/2010 at 5:10 pm

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