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The stars “align” for Cameron Beckman; 61 ties course record

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Ever try to fix your swing by yourself after a bad round? Yeah, I’m pretty certain those practice sessions never go as expected. Sometimes you need a second set of eyes watching your swing to get to the heart of the big issue plaguing your game.

Even the pro’s on the PGA Tour know this. Most, if not all, have a swing coach at their disposal every week of the year. It just goes to show you that while this game is an individual sport, there are certain times where a team effort really makes a difference.

Cameron Beckman is a prime example. He won at Mayakoba earlier in the year, only to fail to make the cut in six of the next seven events he entered. Sometimes this game can be your lover; other times you’d rather kick her to the curb and find another one. It’s just the way things go.

Beckman spent the last three weeks trying to resurrect the swing he had only a couple months earlier. He and his swing coach, Joe Caruso, were able to figure out the problem plaguing his swing: his alignment. It’s funny how the simplest things can make such a big difference.


Written by Jonathan Wall

05/22/2010 at 1:14 pm

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