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Now that’s cold: Arizona State women’s golf team DQ’d from Pac-10 championship

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In the history of golf DQ’s, Roberto De Vicenzo’s scorecard error at the 1968 Masters ranks up their as quite possibly the worst gaffe in golf history. Getting disqualified from a tournament for signing an incorrect scorecard in a local tournament is one thing, but the Masters? Well that’s a whole other situation.

While Arizona State’s women’s golf teams’ DQ from the first round of the Pac-10 championship didn’t put them in “what a stupid I am” territory, it’ll still go down as one of the more interesting disqualifications I’ve ever seen.

The story begins with the ASU ladies leading the Pac-10 championship after the first round at the Eugene (Ore.) Country Club. After retiring to their rooms for the night, sophomore Giulia Molinaro called assistant Missy Farr-Kaye to tell her she was feeling sick.

After a discussion with the team, it was concluded that Molinaro was too ill to play the following day. College golf allows you to field a team of five players and take the four best scores, so Moilnaro’s flu bug wasn’t a big deal … until roommate Jennifer Johnson started feeling sick as well.

Molinaro decided to give it a go after Johnson was unable to get out of bed, but she only last six holes. With two of the five players sick, ASU’s MASH unit had to DQ themselves from the tournament for not having enough players.

“I have never seen anything hit someone so fast,” said ASU head coach Melissa Luellen, referencing Johnson’s bug. “Giulia tried to play, since there was no way Jen could, and could not finish. She ended up having to get two bags of IV fluid.”

I’ve seen a lot crazy things before, but a team leading getting DQ’d because of a flu bug isn’t on the list. Who knew the flu could be so rampant during the spring months!

Worst of all, Golfweek noted that the strange illness could cost Arizona State a No. 1 seed and a chance to play in the West Regional. Now that’s a scenario that’ll really make you sick. (Sorry, I had to go there.)


Written by Jonathan Wall

04/21/2010 at 1:32 pm

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