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Mickelson’s victory leads to free Callaway drivers for a lot of happy golfers

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Sometimes it pays to take a gamble every once in a while. As Phil Mickelson was taking gigantic gambles on the golf course late into Sunday’s final round, a group of golf fans were watching the television, hoping their gamble on Mickelson paid off.

Mind you, these golfers weren’t rooting for Mickelson to win a wager; rather, they were hoping Mickelson could finish off the tournament with a victory to secure a free Callaway driver for all of those crazy enough to sign up for Golfsmith’s “Win with Phil” promotion.

If Phil Mickelson won the Masters, Golfsmith promised to give a full refund to anyone crazy enough to buy a Callaway driver prior to the start of the Masters. Unlike Sergio Garcia and TaylorMade’s unsuccessful attempt to capitalize on the same promo last year, Callaway and Mickelson hit a grand slam with it at the first major of the year.

Now I know what you’re thinking; you’re probably wondering how much money Golfsmith stands to lose with Mickelson’s victory? Well they don’t stand to lose a dime, thanks in large part to some smart decision-making on their part. Golfsmith and Callaway decided to go in on an insurance investment that canceled out the cost of the promotion in the event that Mickelson won his third green jacket, so both companies come out of the promo unscathed.

Talk about a win-win situation for Mickelson and his loyal followers. I guess pays to take risks once in a while. Phil Mickelson can definitely attest to that.


Written by Jonathan Wall

04/12/2010 at 12:24 pm

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