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Tiger Woods readies himself for first hurdle at Augusta National

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In a small room tucked away from most of the known world, a select group of journalist will be given a chance to be part of media history. On Monday at 2 p.m., Tiger Woods will officially field questions to members of the media in Augusta National’s interview room.

While it won’t be the final time Tiger has to hear questions about his personal life, Monday’s press conference will be the first time we get to hear a real answer to some questions that have been on the minds of almost everyone person on the planet for the past few months.

While it would seem logical for Woods to be open, honest and answer as many questions as possible in a perfect world, there’s just one problem. We don’t live in a perfect world, and most of those questions will probably still go unanswered.

Let’s be serious here; there’s a better chance you win the lottery every day for a week than there is getting Tiger to open up to the media. Sure, he’ll be hit with the hard questions this afternoon (I’m assuming the “Why should we believe you” question will come up at some point) but we all know in the end that the media relations people will have this group, more often than not, asking the easy questions to get him in a interview groove.

Questions about his game and his return to Augusta–all softball questions–will be the norm, and we’ll all be left in the end wondering why we even wasted our time with this so-called press conference. As great as is it to hear a story of Tiger’s new-found kindness, we all know there’s a line of questions he still won’t answer.

The words “no comment” and “that’s between Elin and me” will be plentiful this afternoon. Sure, Tiger could throw the media a curveball and answer some hard-hitting questions. But why should he? He’d only dig himself a deeper hole prior to the first round by adding even more media scrutiny to the load he’s already under.

While we all know he’s the main attraction this week, I’m pretty certain he’ll try and do everything he can to stay as low-key as humanly possible for a guy whose constantly been in the news for the last six months. Hence the reason he’s doing this presser on a Monday.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to over analyze every comment, question and expression Tiger Woods gives this afternoon. It’s been far too long since we, the media, had the chance to beat another press conference into the ground with pointless analysis.


Written by Jonathan Wall

04/05/2010 at 3:24 pm

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