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Sportsbooks welcome Tiger back with open arms … and full pockets

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Tiger Woods hasn’t even hit the first tee-shot at Augusta National, and already different areas that benefited from the game’s number one player are already seeing a big boost from his return.

Sports books have already noticed a big boost in the number of bets they’ve already taken prior to the wave of bets that tend to come in during the week of the tournament. It’s still too early to say but some books have already pegged the 2010 Masters to be the most wagered-on tournament in golf history.

“We’re running about 33 percent ahead of last year’s tournament, and the heaviest betting always comes in the week of the event,” said Jeff Sherman in a recent interview with

Running 33 percent ahead of last year’s event is good for the books; however, the biggest news is that the books are claiming this tournament is brining in casual betters to the sport. Could that mean new golf fans are around the corner? We can only hope so.

While the whole Tiger scandal may have hurt the game in the short-term, there is a chance his return to the game could really give the sport an extra shot in the arm by brining in a whole new viewing audience. It’s still too early to say but at the moment this can only be good news for the game.


Written by Jonathan Wall

04/05/2010 at 3:47 pm

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