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Peter Alliss has a way of confusing everyone in one article

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There are certain things that make the British Open a special major championship. For those of us that live stateside, that would include getting up early to watch the opening rounds live from the UK, as well as the beauty of courses that, unless you live near southwest Oregon, you just can’t replicate in this area of the county.

Aside from the two obvious reasons for watching the tournament each year, the third is of course to watch the tournament and listen as esteemed golf announcer, Peter Alliss, leads you around the course. If you’ve ever listened to golf on television before, then chances are good — if not great — that you’ve heard Alliss’ British accent at some point during the event. He’s known by one name and one name only: the “Voice of Golf.” (On a side note: Jim Nantz has to be up there as well for the title of “voice of golf”.)

While he will always be known as the voice of the game for his insightful and witty remarks, his recent comments to Tiger Woods to the Times Newspaper proved that sometimes even the best can stray from topic at hand, leading us to go on an interview that takes us all over the freaking map, leaving us scratching our head and wondering what the hell it was that we just read.

Geoff Shackelford was the first to bring up this article a couple days ago.

After taking a couple of reads at the interview that was done by the Times’ Peter Dixon, it became clear that while Alliss may have certain opinions on Woods, he’s not very concise when it comes to making a stance on the issues at hand.

Case-in-point: “I’m surprised, in a way, they are letting him play there,” Alliss said. “It either shows they have a desire to be helpful or a weakness. It would have been rather grand — but would have perpetuated the stupidity of it — if they had said, ‘Sorry, we don’t want your sort here.’

First off, what does his “sort” mean? That’s what I’d like to know. Does he mean an adulterer? I don’t think there’s a rule in the tour handbook that says you can’t be one of those and play on tour. Secondly, it doesn’t matter what Augusta thinks, Tiger already has four jackets. He can come and go as he pleases at the tournament. The tournament could give a flip about helping Tiger in this situation.

All the care about is numero uno — and putting on a fantastic tournament. Alliss tries to turn the Tiger-Augusta issue into something personal when, obviously, it’s not.

Alliss goes on to say this: “He’s been caught shagging birds. He’s not been married all that long and he’s an idiot. If he was sitting here now, I’d say, ‘Tiger, you are an idiot.’ ”

OK, please make a mental note of this, because we’re coming back to it momentarily. Alliss believes Tiger’s an “idiot” for cheating on his wife. Fair enough.

Now read this gem: “But we’ve all done stupid things. If you are a red-blooded male and you’re chatted up by a decent-looking bird, it’s very hard to not say yes. It was a lot easier in my day. I remember some very famous golfers who used to book into hotels as Mr and Mrs.”

I’d imagine this is the point where Alliss probably wishes he would’ve kept his mouth shut. He went from berating Woods and calling him an “idiot”, to now being sympathetic for Woods’ plight.

Are you OK with Tiger’s decision to have sex outside of marriage, or are you strongly against it? I honestly can’t tell which side of the fence Alliss is standing on. My guess is that he’s straddling it at this current moment.

So what did we learn from all of this? Well I learned that while Peter Alliss may have a great golf voice and some interesting views on the game of golf, his personal opinions on the game really stink. I still don’t know where he stands on multiple issues after reading that piece. I’m not sure if that was his goal, but the guy definitely left me scratching my head.


Written by Jonathan Wall

03/30/2010 at 12:33 am

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