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Arnold Palmer changes his tune after hearing of Woods press conference

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On Wednesday prior to the first round of the Bay Hill Invitational, Arnold Palmer opened up and spoke his mind about how Tiger Woods could show the game more respect in light of his recent wrongdoings. Palmer, who up until Wednesday had been guarded with his comments about Woods, decided to do exactly what he hoped Woods would do at some point before his return to the game.

“It’s up to him to do and say whatever he feels he needs to do to redeem the situation, put it in the proper place,” Palmer said. “My opinion, as I said . . . I was going to keep to myself. But I suppose the best thing he could do would be open up and just let you guys shoot at him. And that’s just my thought.”

And that’s just what Tiger decided to do, setting up a press conference on the Monday of the Masters, in an attempt to let the media in before Thursday’s first round. While Palmer isn’t a mind reader, it seems a bit ironic that Woods decided to make himself available to the media after Palmer’s comments.

After hearing the news on Friday, Palmer told Golf World that he was pleased to hear about Woods’ impending presser prior to the event.

“I think that’s wonderful that Tiger is going to talk to everybody,” Palmer said. “I think the quickest way for him to regain his honorable position in the game is to open up and get it all out there and get on with things.”

One would hope so. Woods’ decision to answer questions from the golf media doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be open to answer all questions (as seen in his five-minute interviews with the Golf Channel and ESPN). But hopefully it means we’ll see an open, more honest, Tiger when he shows up at Augusta.

“As long as you keep going around corners and not giving everyone the full story, there’s going to be questions out there,” Palmer said. “Everyone wants to know what he’s thinking, what he’s doing, and if he tells them, then the chance of his golf becoming the primary focus again increases.”

One can only hope Woods’ responses on April 5th help in aiding what should be a gradual healing process. For Woods and for the rest of the golfing world, a return to golf being the “primary focus” is the best scenario possible.


Written by Jonathan Wall

03/26/2010 at 8:55 pm

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