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Would you bet on Tiger Woods to win the Masters?

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Well, would you? That’s the question I’ve been mulling over all morning and afternoon after betting machine, William Hill, listed Woods as a 4-1 favorite to capture his fifth green jacket.

4-1?! The British bookmaker must have some very confident bookies, because I for one would have listed Tiger at around 6-1 or 7-1 as an opening line. Mickelson is currently running second at 6-1, with Paddy Harrington third at 16-1.

We all know know Tiger’s prowess on the course, but even I can’t see him coming back from a length layoff and winning at Augusta in his first event. If anything, I’d probably feel more confident picking him to finish in the top-10, as opposed to picking him to win outright.

I guarantee you the rust will be there. No matter how well he knows the course, you just can’t replicate tournament golf — let alone when it involves Augusta National and a green jacket on the line.

What if betting on Tiger to win isn’t your cup of tea? Well William Hill is also offering you the chance to bet if Tiger cries on the 72nd hole on Sunday. Oh, and you can get Tiger at 25-1 to win the Grand Slam this year! Seriously, the first of the two is shameless. The second? You could be throwing away good money. But then again, anything’s possible when Tiger’s in the field.


Written by Jonathan Wall

03/17/2010 at 7:23 pm

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