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Just who is this Tiger Woods guy?

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When Tiger Woods first stepped into the national and international spotlight back in 1997 after his historic victory at The Masters, Nike decided to capitalize on his recent fame by coming up with a phrase that’s been ingrained into our minds for the rest of our lives: I am Tiger Woods.

Like Michael Jordan’s “Be like Mike” Gatorade commercials, the Nike commercials with Tiger have become a part of sports history. We’ve seen Tiger grow up over the years; become the sport’s first billion-dollar athlete; as well as become the face of golf in every corner of the globe.

Everyone knows who Tiger Woods is. Or so we thought.

John Strege of Golf Digest fame had a great story about Tiger’s recent visit to his Alma mater. It just goes to show that not everyone knows the face of Tiger Woods:

Early in the week, Woods ventured over to Stanford to speak to the golf team at the request of its coach Conrad Ray, Woods’ old teammate at Stanford. Afterwards, they repaired to a local eatery, Lulu’s, in Palo Alto, for lunch. When they were paying their bill, the waitress came up to Ray and asked him for his autograph.

Ray was perplexed and suggested that it wasn’t his autograph she wanted. Turns out the cook had sent the waitress out to get an autograph and that the woman either did not know it was Tiger Woods or perhaps even was unaware of who Tiger Woods is and thought the cook had meant for her to get an autograph from the other guy, Ray.

Seriously, he wasn’t recognized in his own backyard? That’s just wrong. Regardless, if Woods ever wants to be a normal guy, he may want to show up to Lulu’s in Palo Alto when this particular lady is working.


Written by Jonathan Wall

10/15/2009 at 6:31 pm

Posted in Humor, Tiger Woods

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