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The 2010 FedEx Cup should be interesting…and not in a good way

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Well I thought I’d heard all the negative stories regarding the FedEx Cup. That is until I read Steve Elling’s ‘Up and Down‘ article this morning. If you thought the three straight weeks of golf, the Tour Championship being played just two weeks prior to the Presidents Cup, plus the new points system was bad … well you obviously haven’t taken a peek at the 2010 FedEx Cup schedule:

As though the docket isn’t crowded enough at this time of year, Woods noted Sunday night that the Ryder Cup in Wales is set for the week after the Tour Championship next year. In other words, the team will leave for Europe immediately after finishing at East Lake. “Enough time to shower and get on the plane,” he said. Woods just finished playing a draining seven times in nine weeks, and 2010 looks like it might be even busier?

I’d love to see Tim Finchem explain this one to Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and the rest of the Ryder Cup team. Did the tour just pick the dates of the event without consulting with the R&A and the PGA of America? It appears that would be the case.

But that’s not all! By weighting the FedEx Cup differently this year, the PGA Tour found a way to keep many of the top players (mainly Mickelson and Woods) from taking a week off in between playoff events. True, most of them played with the intent of helping the television numbers in the middle of a slumping economy. But you have to figure if they knew this little tidbit, some of them may have taken a breather along the way:

Woods learned from a reporter last week that, because of the way the points played out in the FedEx chase, he could have skipped the first three series events and still won the $10 million bonus in Atlanta. He grumbled a PG-13 word under his breath, and rightly so. Unless they make the laughably titled “playoff” events mandatory, good luck landing him in all four stops in 2010.

Assuming the tour keeps the same format next year, I’d figure some of the players playing in the Ryder Cup would take an event off to rest prior to the tour championship. That means the BMW could be in for a light field next year. While that’s just my opinion, I can’t see these guys playing four tournaments in five weeks and then hopping on a plane to go play the Ryder Cup. Most would be running on fumes when they arrived at Celtic Manor.


Written by Jonathan Wall

09/29/2009 at 3:25 pm

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