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Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods save the Tour Championship

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Let’s face it: the FedEx Cup is never going to be a hit with everyone. Like college football’s BCS formula, golf’s great hope for television ratings and fan appeal turned into a five week event (including the week off between the BMW and the Tour Championship) that was criticized more times than it was complimented.

When the final putt dropped on Sunday, tour officials could be heard breathing a huge sigh of relief. Tiger Woods’ FedEx Cup victory, coupled with Phil Mickelson’s Tour Championship route, allowed the PGA Tour to get out of the media jungle unscathed for another season.

It’s hard to criticize an event when the two best players in the world come out on top in the final week of season. Truth be told, very few players were heard criticizing the event at the end of the week. Instead, most were just noncommittal when asked point-blank what they thought about the event.

Sure, it was a better setup than last year’s hose-job that allowed Vijay Singh to win by just showing up and not getting himself DQ’d. But was the new setup really that much better?

Like many said in the run-up to the Tour Championship; Tiger Woods could’ve won the first three events and still had the same points lead going into Atlanta. Resetting the points after three tournaments obviously isn’t the be-all end-all the tour was looking for. And to be honest, I’m not sure they know what they’re looking for anymore.

I know the idea has been thrown out there before, but why doesn’t the tour just consider the idea of going to a 16-man match play event for Tour Championship. They’ve gotten poor comments about the system so far. Who’s to say match play could be any worse?

With open season officially closed on the tour and the FedEx Cup, we now turn our eyes to Presidents Cup before the best players in the world officially go into hibernation. I for one know that golf is in for an interesting winter than should be full of drama.

With the Olympic bids coming up for the summer games, as well a possible change to the format at the season-ending event once again; it’s safe to say we won’t be without things to talk about in the coming weeks. Plus, with the economy still in the doldrums, I have a feeling Tim Finchem will be looking at a very unique sponsorship landscape going into next year.


Written by Jonathan Wall

09/28/2009 at 9:22 pm

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