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Greg Norman’s Presidents Cup selection leaves many scratching their heads

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Let’s get one things straight: there are bold picks in the Presidents Cup (selecting 17-year-old sensation to be part of your team), and then there bold picks, like picking a guy working through swing changes who recently shot in the 80’s in two rounds this year. And did we mention he was going to have surgery for a cyst on his right knee?

That’s right, Greg Norman put his neck out on the line and picked Adam Scott for his Presidents Cup squad. If you hear a collective groan across much of the world, it’s the sound of golf fans everywhere lamenting the Shark’s decision.

Fred Couple went with two solid picks in Lucas Glover (the U.S. Open champion) and Hunter Mahan, a cool customer who made some very clutch putts at the Ryder Cup last year. Both of those picks were no-brainers. But to choose a guy whose been struggling for your squad? Well it just doesn’t make sense.

Norman is known as a go-for-broke kind of player. But if you’ve seen highlights of him in years’ past, you’ll notice his style doesn’t always come out the way he expected in the end. I have a feeling he’ll be playing the “what if” game at the end of the event.

Sure, Adam Scott could surprise us all and play out of his mind for a couple of days; but there’s a pretty good chance he’ll struggle to find his swing under what should be a very hot spotlight. Afterall, this pick has to be viewed as a homer choice.

Norman and Scott are both from Australia, and I can tell you that had to play a part. There’s no way any other captain would have selected a streaky Adam Scott to fill out his squad. It just doesn’t make sense, regardless of what Greg Norman says about his presence in the locker room.

I normally don’t make predictions this early when it comes to these events, but I’m going to make an exception this time. Norman’s decision to put Scott on the team has put the World team in a huge hole, and I’m not sure they have the firepower to get out of it.


Written by Jonathan Wall

09/09/2009 at 9:00 pm

Posted in Presidents Cup

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  1. I’m with ya here. The U.S. team is stacked from top to bottom, and Scott is just playing awful these days. I’m a huge Greg Norman fan, but this was a terrible pick in my opinion.


    09/10/2009 at 1:14 pm

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