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Tiger Woods takes great care of his golf memorabilia

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I’d imagine if you asked golfers who joined the game in the past 10-15 years to mark the moment in their lives where they went from casual observer to golf nut, you’d most likely get one response in return: Tiger Woods’s 1997 Masters victory.

For those of us privileged enough to watch the Sunday stroll on television (or in person), you know Tiger’s dominating 12-shot victory was the moment where golf went from being your dad’s favorite pastime, to a “cool” sport played by 20-somethings around the world.

Tiger’s final putt on the 18th hole that year is photo we’ve all seen a million times. You’ve got Tiger pumping the fist, his Scotty Cameron TeI3 putter glistening in the spring sunset. It was a perfect ending to a perfect week of golf.

Considering the relevance of that putt, you’d have to assume the Cameron used to win the Masters would be in a glass case in Tiger’s house, right? Wrong.

Nope, the putter was lost in the corner of Tiger’s garage until earlier this year when he found it while cleaning out his old clubs. I’m not joking here.

After Friday’s second round, Woods was asked about his love affair with his current putter — a model he’s had in his bag for every major victory, sans the 1997 Masters. He discussed a day earlier this year when he was doing some early spring cleaning and came upon a putter in the corner of his garage:

“I mean, beginning of this year I was just rummaging through my garage and cleaning it out a little bit, and over in the corner was this putter, and I said, oh, what is this putter? Oh, it’s the one I won The Masters with. It’s just sitting over there.”

Yep, the 1997 Masters putter was in the corner of the garage collecting dust. Feel free to gasp and faint if you feel so inclined. That was literally my reaction when I read this.

I guess when you’re the world’s number one golfer you can do things like this. You win so many major championships, you sometimes lose count of the memorable items. But to leave the putter you won your first major with in the garage? I think that’s bordering on insane.


Written by Jonathan Wall

08/10/2009 at 4:03 pm

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