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PGA Championship will return to Valhalla in 2014

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It’s golf photos like the one in the post that make you realize how great the game of golf can be. Tiger Woods’ victory at the 2000 PGA Championship against is still considered to be one of the greatest finishes to a major championship in golf history.

His sudden death playoff with relative unknown, Bob May, was the stuff of legends. You had a David versus Goliath battle between two players who grew up playing on the same California Junior Golf circuit. Not only that, you had May matching Tiger shot-for-shot, as well as Tiger upping his game when he needed it most to dispose of the journeyman tour pro with some clutch putts that left many with their mouth agape.

Yes, the 2000 PGA Championship at Valhalla was one we’ll always remember. Now it looks like we’ll be back there soon enough for a possible repeat (we can only hope) of the duel in Kentucky. The PGA announced this morning that the course will be hosting the PGA Championship once again in 2014. The 2014 PGA will be the fifth major golf event at the course in the last 15 years (2 PGA’s, the 2004 and 2011 Senior PGA, as well as the Ryder Cup).

“Valhalla continues to present challenging tests to the world’s greatest golfers,” PGA of America President Jim Remy said. “The changes that have been made here are outstanding, and we know now with all the confidence in the world that we can bring our major championships to this site.”

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of Valhalla. There’s something about the searing summer heat and the ridiculous length on some of the holes (I’m assuming it’ll be more than 7,500 yards for the tournament) have never appealed to me. Regardless, it looks like the PGA enjoys the course.


Written by Jonathan Wall

07/30/2009 at 8:20 pm

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