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Stewart Cink won the British Open; get that through your thick head!

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If there’s one thing I can’t stand in the world of sports, it’s sore losers. Be gracious when you lose for gosh sakes! With that in mind, I think Tom Watson did a fantastic job of doing that on Sunday afternoon, talking and laughing with Stewart Cink as he cradled the Claret Jug like a baby. Other players would have been far more standoff-ish in the situation. But not Tom Watson.

If there was a sore loser that made me sick to my stomach on Sunday, it was Watson’s fans, some of which seemed to be a little too disgruntled after watching their aging hero lose at Turnberry. An article on Devil Ball claimed some Watson fans were beyond fuming after the defeat that they went as far as to deface Cink’s Wikipedia page by giving him the nickname “Jackass.” Classy.

I understand Watson’s loss hurt (trust me, I was pulling for him as well), but to go ahead and deface a Wikipedia page of a player who has been class his whole career is just plain wrong. Give the guy his respect and stop raining on his parade. Watson lost. Deal with it.

Congrats to Stewart Cink on a fantastic four-hole playoff. Anyone who can birdie the last two holes of a playoff truly deserves the trophy. I’ve never seen a player dominate a British Open playoff like that in my lifetime.


Written by Jonathan Wall

07/20/2009 at 4:01 pm

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