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I’ve often wondered aloud (because I think it makes me look cool) who the greatest golf writer of all-time is on multiple occasions. One day I’m raising Herbert Warren Wind’s flag to the top of the pole; the next day it’s down, and a Dan Jenkins flag is waving proudly.

Both are must-read writers in their own right; however, I think Dan Jenkins finally took over the pole position with the introduction of Twitter. While Herb Wind can’t join the tweet generation for obvious reasons, Jenkins joined a month back during the U.S. Open, and never looked back.

If you’ve never read his Twitter account, I emplore you to do so. He writes at least 2-3 absolute gems on a daily basis in under 140 words. I can’t even write a coherent sentence in 140 words, let alone something that’s witty and worth reading.

So to comemerate Dan’s rise to the top of my all-time list, I’ve decided to post my favorite Dan Jenkins Birdie (because they tweet) of the Day on FTR from here on out. Now on to inaugural winner for today!

Jenkins Birdie of the Day
Off to the betting shop. Sandy Lyle is 1,500-1 to win the Open.
I think Mickelson is 100-1, and he’s not even here.


Written by Jonathan Wall

07/15/2009 at 6:25 pm

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