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Lyle and Monty: The tussle at Turnberry

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Just a quick question for those of you at there who care: Would you pay money to see golfing great Sandy Lyle and the “round mound” from London, Colin Montgomerie, duke it out in the streets outside the hallowed grounds of Turnberry? I’d have to say I’d pay a few quid (that’s dollars for those of you who’ve never been to the UK) to see them beat each other’s brains in for an hour.

Well we may get our wish – assuming Monty decides to go after Lyle (the British Tabloids are all over this story) for his comments in the papers today. Apparently, Lyle is still crying over spilled milk regarding his Ryder Cup snub. So what’s the first thing you do when you’re angry about missing out on something? You find some dirt on the other guy and smear it in the papers.

And judging by the quality of work coming out of such papers as the Daily Mail and The Sun in the UK, you can only imagine where they took this story. Here’s the quotes from Lyle calling Monty a cheat for a questionable rules infraction in 2005. Yep, Lyle is still worrying about something that happened FOUR YEARS ago.

“That is far worse than someone pulling out because of sore knuckles,” Lyle said on Monday at Turnberry, site of this week’s Open. “You have Monty dropping the ball badly — that’s what you would call a form of cheating. If anything was going to be held against Monty, you would think, ‘Yeah, well that’s a case where he was breaking the rules.’ And there have been other times where he has been called in to see videos.”

Unless Lyle was there, I’m pretty certain he’s just speaking hearsay regarding the incident. However if he did have a camera in Monty’s golf ball, then I guess all bets would be off. The rules official at the 2005 event couldn’t find fault with Monty. And to smooth things over he gave his entire check to charity.

You can be sure Monty will be quiet as a mouse if he’s asked any questions about the 2005 incident, or Sandy Lyle’s comments this week at the British. And if you believe that, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona that’s available for a really good price.


Written by Jonathan Wall

07/14/2009 at 5:27 pm

Posted in British Open

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